In my Management Communication Class, my group and I were tasked with building a communication strategy to help the technology & startup community in St. Louis gain awareness.

The problem that exists today in St.Louis, along with many midwest cities inside of the coasts, is capturing attention of the best talent, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, etc.

While the sheer masses do not exist in the midwest, there are many competitive advantages here that make St. Louis an extremely attractive option for entrepreneurs, talent, investors, and other key stakeholders.

St. Louis has tons of resources. The primary issue, we found, is that no one knows about them. Not a terrible problem to have, but one that indubitably needed attention.

Essentially, what we needed to do was build a strategy that tackled this existential crisis of awareness for the city’s vast resources.

Our strategy boiled down to three simple solutions:

  • Build a digital hub (website)
  • Employ social media
  • Create a student ambassador program

Our full report is outlined here via PDF:


It will be interesting to see the way St. Louis evolves as an ecosystem for entrepreneurs.