What’s Next – 3/13

Hey ? Hope everything is going well with you. It’s Monday! It’s time to have an awesome week.

But first, some interesting things to get your mind turning.

3/13 – What’s Next

Still experimenting with the format! I like this one. Let me know what you think. 

Articles to Read:

Network Effects: Anu and Craig, two partners at YCombinator, go over their learnings from research on Network Effects, discuss examples, and advice for entrepreneurs.

Understanding network effects not only helps build better products, but it helps build moats and protect software companies against competitors’ eating away at their margins.

The Future of On Demand: Instacart, the popular delivery service, is now valued at $3.4 billion dollars (not a bubble, right?). Their CEO talks about the future of their company.

 “We think about this as a two horse race: Us and Amazon… Amazon is building their warehouses to compete with the entire grocery landscape, while we’re empowering the entire grocery landscape. The reason we think we have a good shot against Amazon is that customers want choice. It’s the same reason why people buy Netflix even if they have Amazon Prime ― you can’t get House of Cards through Amazon. We have unique product from some of the best grocery stores in the country, and grocery is really a long-tail business where selection matters.”

Q: Who do you think will win the space? Hit REPLY

More competition among big players: 
Google launched a new hangouts to further compete against Slack. And Facebook copies Snapchat once again, this time with “Messenger Day.”

Funders and Founders: A collection of infographics that detail the lives of some of the world’s most impressive people. Check out MuskEinstein, and others – TONS to learn.
Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That:

I fear the “very busy” culture has cemented into our work life. If we aren’t extremely busy, we aren’t significant. In a knowledge economy, the only way to demonstrate our status is to describe how busy we are. It’s how I know you are important! It’s how you tell me you are a hard worker! There’s an email in my inbox from last night that began with, “I know you are very busy…” which makes me feel guilty because I’d just finish reading multiple theories on which girl The Bachelor is going to pick!

The Flu: Okay, this is absolutely crazy -> “Flu viruses double our desire to socialize to spread itself.”

Products & Companies to Watch:

Breaker: The BEST podcasting app I have ever used. If you like podcasts, definitely recommend checking it out. It helps you listen to, discover, and share the hottest new podcasts. (still in beta).

Hugging Face: Most founders & investors are focusing on leveraging AI to “change the world”. Not this team, they built a sassy artificial intelligence who learns to chit chat with you (and become your friend), share their story and how they aimed to create an entertaining product.

Soon: “A Social Calendar for the mobile generation.” Event discovery is broken. Perhaps “Soon” will fix it.

Quizlet Learn: Quizlet launches Learn! A new and better way to study.

BONUS LINK: Ari, 5 years old, learns he is getting a new heart. Will make you smile.

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A quick update from me: 
– Revamped Disrupt Cards & launched an expansion pack, what a crazy project.
– Tons of new projects coming along..you’ll see them soon 🙂

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