That Mountain Top

I think there is a fundamental delusion that is implanted into many of our brains when we are growing up.

It’s that there is a place / point in time where we will find our “happy place.”

This may be upsetting – but I do not believe there is “something” out there that will make me happy and fulfilled forever.

Why am I saying this?

A few reasons:

  1. It emphasizes the idea┬áthat you should live in the moment. We often spend a lot of time saying…”one day I will…” What if we do not get to that one day? What if 5 years from now that one thing no longer exists? We cannot afford to waste hours, let alone YEARS of our lives doing things that do not make us happy and fulfilled. So betting on this “thing” that exists out there is incredibly naive.
  2. It is not to say that things in the future may not get better. In fact, I think they will.
  3. “Forever.” That is an important word in that quote. I believe that growth is essential to fulfillment and happiness, at least for me. Meaning, there will never be a “thing” that does not evolve that will FOREVER make me happy. That means I have to be comfortable evolving. What I think I like today is bound to change. And that is okay. However, when we bank too much of our lives on a specific career path we must go down – this evolution is a rocky road. Why? Because our expectations fall short or have to change. It is important to maintain an open mind during times like these.


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