Moving to WordPress

If you’ve been following my blog on Medium for any amount of time now, thank you! It’s incredible to think that people read what I write.

Anyways, I’ve decided to begin publishing content here, on my own site, in addition to my Medium page.

Why am I doing this?

While I do like Medium, I’m not sure that it will be around forever. While wordpress is no sure bet either, I’m betting on it.

Also, wordpress has access to google analytics ~ I have never paid any attention to my medium stats, for a couple of different reasons, but it will be interesting to see what happens now.

What will change?

Not much. The content will probably be similar. The one thing you can expect is consistent content. I never miss a day.

I’m not switching to wordpress to make money. The goal for this ‘daily note journal’ has never been to make money. It’s to think. And it’s been incredible for that. In addition to working on my thinking and analysis skills, I’ve been able to start so many conversations with complete strangers (now friends) and chat about things that I am interested in. Even more than that, I’ve gotten an incredible amount of opportunities, professionally, because of writing. It has opened up many new doors for me as a person and professional. I’ve gotten¬†jobs because I write this little thing every day.

And here is the truth that will hurt.

I am not the world’s best writer.

(not that anyone even thought that).

I just write. Most people don’t. Do something. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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