Move the needle

Why build a company?

I think it is a question a lot of people do not think that hard about before they jump into the world of entrepreneurship or say they want to be an entrepreneur?

Do they want fame? Freedom? Ego boost? Best option?

There are so many variables to consider here.

I’d say, just over my short time learning, that external validators (like money, ego, etc.) are not sustainable motivators. AKA they wear off. They may be good for getting you to start something but they will not be there motivating you on the worst days. And on the days where shit is going wrong, you will need to look deep within to find your answers.

Anyways – how should you spend your energy early on? At an early stage company, all of your actions directly impact the net result.

You cannot hide. For better or worse, you are the driver of success.

That is a lot of pressure to deal with.

The hard part is that everyone, especially outside of the company, is telling you to focus on different things. They tell you what to think about, how to pour your resources, what you should do.

I try to ignore most all of that “startup advice.” It’s good, but wayyyyy less valuable than tangible advice.

And more important than that is your users’ advice. I think the best founders share one thing in common. It is not where they got their university degree or how they look. It is that they share respect/priority for the user.

They never forget about the end target.

It sounds simple – and obvious – but you’d be surprised by how many people mess this up.

They build something pretty for their friends, for venture capitalists, for everyone without ever talking to the user.

I never want to do that.

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