The Fun of A Side Project

A couple of friends and I are building something that is launching this coming Tuesday. We are moving super quickly and we are pumped for launch.

Don’t worry, we will have a medium post all about it that Tuesday morning.

But in the meantime, it’s fun to reflect on how far we have come so quickly.

The cool part about building a side project is that you start from nothing and in just a few weeks (or however long it takes you) you get a full product (or whatever you are building). You put in all of this work up front without knowing what you will get out of it.

Like we have no idea if people will like it?!?

We just have an assumption that people are going to love it. And that is what is motivating us to finish it so quickly. Because, at least I, am obsessed with that launch. The feeling of other people being impacted by something that I’ve done.

And that gives us urgency. We really want to launch. We accelerated the pace to which we launch the product because we want reactions. We want to get it out on the market.

We are moving fast, but hopefully we do not break anything.

Anyways, it has been super fun! Definitely get ready for a fun product (if you like tech).

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