The other day was Yom Kippur. For people who honor the day, it’s a day for fasting and repentance.

I fasted. Luckily, it went pretty fast.

But the weird part about fasting (for me, it’s not eating food or drinking any water) is that it’s harder for me to give up biological NEEDS than it is to go without technology.

Isn’t that kind of crazy? I can push myself into a little bit of discomfort and give up on things that are essential to my survival ~ but when it comes to phones, cars, electricity, etc. ~ I cannot.

That begs the question, has tech become essential to our survival? Could I live without it?

I’d like to say I’d be fine without technology. But that would be a lie.

How long have you gone without using your phone? A day? A week? Right?

Can you even imagine a world before smartphones? I genuinely cannot remember it…How did people navigate in their cars? So. Many. Questions. Such a different world.

Haha. Jokes aside ~ of course we communicated in person (which I much prefer). But for real, sometimes it is really valuable to take a look and see how much we depend on our phones. Every once in a while, it’s super beneficial to “fast” from anything ~ tech, food, etc.

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