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We just launched Disrupt Cards ! <-Buy it now!

Disrupt Cards is a card game that highlights and makes fun of startup culture and the tech industry in a way that’s hilarious but also relatable. The game has similar mechanics to Cards Against Humanity, and plays up to ten people at a time. While some people might find a few cards difficult to understand if they don’t follow startup culture very much, we think the game is for anyone, whether you run a VC-backed startup or live with your mom and refer to yourself as an EIR.

The Story

We had an epiphany in mid-September that with all of the absurd events that go on in Silicon Valley, there should be a game that highlights what happens here. We realized that all of the buzzwords that emerge from the valley would be ideal for a card game, so in a few short hours we had outlined a CAH-style game that would only contain startup phrases and content.

In the span of two weeks, we were able to finalize a rough version of our deck, and in the time time period played hundreds of card games with a wide variety of players. We continuously optimized our deck and ended up with a product that we believe is more fun to play then any other card game on the market. In the words of Jeremy Maluf “I’m going to replace my pitch deck with a deck of Disrupt Cards to improve my chances at this funding round.”

We really hope you enjoy!

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