Always Be Learning

I hope to be learning all of my life. Why? Stagnation is one of my biggest fears. On the other hand, growth is one of my favorite things.

We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into putting ourselves in a position to learn. We spend invaluable years of our lives trying to learn more and more quickly.

Right? Like one of the main points of going to school is to learn how to learn. That way, once we are in the workplace, we can apply our ability to learn so that we can learn new things.

Ideally, we are able to learn quickly and effectively. If we stop learning, we freeze. We become valueless.

This is especially true in the tech space. Why? Because things are changing so quickly. That if you know the tech of 5 years ago, you are already out of date.

I think that smart people can learn anywhere no matter the circumstance. That is why I believe in surrounding yourself with people who are passionate about learning. 

Companies, just like people, must be great learners. Startups, in particular, must be really good at learning quickly and effectively.

They have to learn a lot about lots of things.

  • Themselves: As a startup, it’s crucial to understand your own strengths and weaknesses better than any outsider would.

This is an advantage. If you know about yourself, then you are able to identify problems quickly and iterate over ideas.

  • Customers: You must set up an infrastructure so that you are always learning more and more about your customers. The faster and more organically you can do that, the better off you will be.

Assume every team has the resources they need. The capital, the equipment, the wifi. What makes your company different? 

Your only advantage in business is to know how to learn faster than your competitors. – @Trevor McLeod

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